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miss-mi in gareth pugh

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miyajaki gasped: My roommate always says how she doesnt think Asian Men are attractive and she never will but its ok and not racist because its her preference. but I try to tell her that there are a billion asian men out there and thats it is close minded to say that every single one of them is unattractive.


i wouldn’t care if she will never like them, more for those who do like them, you know? but you’re right on not every single Asian male being “unattractive”

Anonymous gasped: The preferences in people isn't really racist, it's just preference. However, generalizing that Asian people are close minded is racist. It's really sad that our society still generalizes people in such a way.

yea exactly, i don’t see why people have to bitch about one guy having one preference
it’s not like it really matters to them.
it really bothers me, especially when i’m taking an asian american studies class and my prof talks about how we’re just forever foreigners 

The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.
Joanna Hoffman 

Wow am I a dick?
On my college anonymous confession page, one person says they’re attracted to once race and even said they weren’t being racist and it’s just a preference and the people flip out calling him a racist anyways
and another confession, an Asian go on saying he sees that no girl have a preference for Asian guys at school. And people are saying Asian guys let alone the entire race comes off closed minded or closed and/or telling him to grow a pair. Isn’t that racism being shown right there as well? except it’s the public people showing it and trying to defend their non preference for the Asian men. 

I find this thing so stupid and hypocritical. Ok yea, not the same people are responding to those separate confessions, but it seems to be the overview of it and it’s pretty fucked up. maybe I’m seeing/ thinking of this in my head in my own weird twisted way

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